POWERSTATION - 2002 With Full "Associativity"
Can Automatically Re-Generate All Your Toolpaths... Easily, Quickly, and Affordably.

Increases Your Programming Productivity:

Break An End Mill ?  Tool Chattering ?  Bad - Inaccurate Print ?
Last Minute Engineering Change ?

No problem, with PowerStation's  "ASSOCIATIVITY"
Change the Geometry, Tooling, Stock Allowance, Feed, Cut Depth, Etc.,
Press a Single Button,
Let PowerStation 2002 Automatically & Quickly Re-Generate your Toolpaths.

You Will Have your Machine Back
Up and Running in Minutes, Not Hours !!!

Additional New Features

  • Automatic Re-Generation Of Toolpaths: Change the Tool Size, Stock Allowance, Feed Rate, Depth of Cut, etc.., Press one button and your tool path is completely regenerated.
  • Drastically Reduces Programming Time, Pays for Itself the First Time You Use It !!
  • Prevents Errors Within Revised Toolpaths
  • Includes File/Open Previewing
  • New User Customizable Machining Toolbar
  • Toolbar Placement Control, For Maximum Screen Viewing
  • Enhanced/Latest DXF Importing, With 3D Arc/Pline Reading
  • Improved Operations Manager, and More...
  • Includes Manual, Tutorials, and Tech. Support