Techni Solutions specializes in quality, low cost productivity hardware and software for the machine tool industry.  We offer full featured CAD/CAM and productivity software, communication software and peripherals for CNC machines, DNC networks, memory expansion products  and CNC control retrofit packages.

Techni Solutions offers products from a variety of vendors to help solve the everyday needs of the small to mid-sized machining company.  In addition, our technical staff provides full support for all of the products we sell.  This includes installation, on or off-site training and after the sale service and support.  Our service and support staff is qualified to offer machine service on a variety of CNC machines and controls.

PowerStation CAD/CAM

Authorized Representatives for

Glass House Software, Ltd.
CAD/CAM , Engraving & Shop Productivity Software
DNC Networks

Scanvec Amiable
2D/3D Engraving and Routing Software

Fagor Automation Corp.
CNC Controls & Retrofits
DROs & Linear Transducers

Memex Electronics Inc.
CNC Memory Expansions & BTRs

Tulip Electronics
CNC Memory Expansions

DNC Networks & BTRs

Surge Protection & UPS Backup Systems
Quick-Link DNC8


To contact us:

Techni Solutions LLC
PO Box 563
Exton, PA  19341
Tel: 610-594-8220
Fax: 610-594-8221

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