PowerStation 2002 is a completely integrated 2-1/2 - 3 axis CAD/CAM programming system for Mills, Lathes, EDMs, Waterjets and Flamecutters. It's easy-to-use mouse/menu interface includes DXF file import/exporting, a powerful editor, complete user definable G-Code machine tool post-processors with macro customization, and bi-directional DNC communications. Rated the #1 Value system, with a cost significantly lower than the competition.

Available in Four levels: XPERT, BASIC, PRO and PRO-Plus.  For information on the latest version, click on the above link or see the PowerStation Versions Comparison.

Power-Fab - Optional add-on module for PowerStation that allows programming capability for Punch/Burning machines. Completely integrates into PowerStation and supports older NC controlled punches in addition to modern CNC punches with canned cycles.

NC-Code Analyzer - Proves out your NC/CNC G-Code files generated by PowerStation or any other CAM system.  It will check them for errors, display the tool path and calculate the cycle time.  Now includes Solidify 3D solids verification.

Ask-Sal - Tool and Material library.

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PowerStation 2002

Associative Machining
User defined Menu Bars
Scroll Mouse Zooming


Wingraver 2002,  Wingraver-Pro 2002 - Text/Logo/Drawing engraving software for milling type machine tools. Uses "True-Type" technology for smooth, scalable, virtually unlimited number of usable fonts. Includes Arc-Fitting for optimized smoothness, and shorter NC code file sizes. Text can be multi-lined, and fully controlled and adjusted, placed along straight or angled line, arc, rotated, mirrored, vertical, or free-form curve. Generates universal DXF or Industry standard G-code output. Includes editor, spell checker, and drawing tools.


Quick-Link 2000 - Includes the industry's most powerful large buffer, multi-window editor complete with bi-directional RS232C serial communications capability for machine program transfer and file storage. Includes math assist calculators for manual program creation and editing. The editor features full variable re-sequencing, arithmetic register operations, user definable macros, file cleanup and more.

Quick-Link 2000 DNC8 - Incorporates QUICK-LINK software with an 8-Port, single-tasking, auto-switching network hub for communications and file transfer to several machine tools. Requires interface cables for each machine.

Quick-Link SFT - Hand held shop floor terminal for use with a QL-DNC8 hub.  Allows for file transfers to be executed from a single location on the shop floor.

QL-DNC8 Hub shown with optional Shop Floor Terminal


Integrator GT - No more searching for the right NC-code file.  No more revision mistakes.  Store all of your job related data in one easy-access location and have important job information available at the click of a button.  Manage your data with extensive sorting, filtering, analysis and reporting capabilities.  Include pictures and files.  Take control of your shop!

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